Treasure of the Sierra Madra (1948)

If ever there was story about greed and man's ability to achieve an almost divine state of corruption, then this is it. This is a tale of three friends who in a bound of friendship set out to find gold in the Mexican Mountains. This friendship soon turns to hatred as the three prospectors develop an intense paranoia of each other.

One of the prospectors Fred C dobbs (played by Humphery Bogart) in the space of two hours undergoes an incredible metamorphosis, changing from a rather personable down-and-outer to a homicidal maniac willing to kill his closest friends.

The poster from the 1948 classic

This film was directed by John Huston and shot entirely on location at Jungapeo, Mexico. It cost an incredible $3 million to make, much to the despair of Jack Warner. After seeing a prelude of the film he exclaimed, they're looking for gold alright .. mine. He also did not like the fact that Bogart's character was killed off in the end, he felt it was a mistake. He was proved right as the public in 1948 did not like film, and it became a flop at the box office.

The critics though love it and hailed it as a triumph for Huston and Warner pictures. Strangely enough everybody was honoured except Bogart. Perhaps seeing the hero of Casablanca and the Maltese Falcon as the degenerate, murdering psychopath was more than the academy could endure. He was not even nominated for a Oscar.