Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

I had often wondered why I had never read The Lord of the Rings books. I was always amazed at the enthusiasm, dedication and loyalty of the countless people I know who absolutely adore these tales. I often said to myself 'what's all the fuss about? They are only silly children's books!!

Well I could not have been more wrong!! The LOTR is a tremendous story, which totally captivated me for three very short hours! It paints a huge canvas of a totally alien world filled with hobbits, elves and giants! An alien world but at the same time a world which has many similarities to our own. There is good VS. evil, friend VS. foe, love VS. hate. And at the centre of all is the most unlikely of hero's, a four foot tall hobbit!


J.R.R. Tolkien was inspired to write a beautiful tale of friendship and loyalty in a harsh world of betrayal, death and damnation! With the odds firmly stacked against them, this fellowship of unlikely companions (four hobbits, two warrior humans. a dwarf, an elf, and an old wizard called Gandalf) battle the Evil Saruman and his forces of darkness.

It is a tribute to this fabulous story that I have not yet mentioned the special effects, which are truly outstanding! Director Peter Jackson has made a wonderful film co-coordinating what was a massive project! Three films made back to back!!!

The cast we are all excellent, especially Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins (Our hobbit hero). I particularly liked Sean Bean as Boromir and Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey!

There is not much left to say only **DO NOT MISS THIS FILM** It is the movie experience of the new millennium!! Roll on next Christmas and The Two Towers!!

Chris Browne Jan 2002